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July 12, 2019

I have been meaning to email you about the Calendula & Carrot Ultra Rich Moisturizer that you developed but life is so busy that I forget to do it.

During my 20 years as an Esthetician I have used a lot of different moisturizers however, I have never used a product like your newest Moisturizer. This richness of this product and the silky feeling of it during application have made  Calendula & Carrot Ultra Rich Moisturizer  my favourite product ever! Not to mention it's amazing aroma! My skin feels silky, hydrated, and there is increased firmness overall.

I always take slightly more out of the jar than I need on my face, neck and decollete so that my hands can also enjoy the lovely feel of this moisturizer. My hands have always been chronically dry but no more. They too now enjoy the same silky feel that my face does.

A friend of mine that purchased the moisturizer from me called me the other day to share something she is doing with this product. After application, she is placing a warm wash cloth over her face and relaxing for a few moments, taking in the wonderful aroma of the product. When she removes the wash cloth she then gently massages her face to allow the moisturizer to penetrate even further into her skin. I haven't tried this myself yet (I never stay in one place long enough), but my friend says it is amazing. This could definitely be a new spa treatment.

So, thank you for doing what you do so very well, and for giving all of us this fabulous moisturizer to enjoy. The Calendula & Carrot Ultra Rich Moisturizer out-performs even the iSClinical Youth Intensive Creme that I have used in the past. 

Big hugs to you and your team, and feel free to use any or all of this email as a sterling review on your website. I would give this product a solid 10.

Thanks Karen. I look forward to our continued work together.

Smiles and Hugs!



February 7, 2018

I normally use the light day cream because I'm naturally quite oily, but since I occasionally break out I thought I would try the AHA-10 cream...I absolutely Love It. Its the most incredible moisturizer I have ever used. After just a few days, my breakouts are almost gone. I love that it works for all skin types and conditions. It seriously my favourite product! Thank you for creating such an amazing line of products!



Love Natural Concepts! Their massage gel is the bees knees! No weird smell, no stains in the clinic sheets, feels great on the skin. And their shea butter lotions are divine! I always stock up!


Top of Form


This is my new favourite store! Huge thanks Karen and Sharri for the wonderful experience in the store last night. Sharri gave a passionate and friendly customer shopping experience. Very much appreciated chatting with you! Many beautifully crafted products centered on holistic wellness. I've used almost all the new products I purchased and love them all!


Hi Karen,

I just have to email and tell you..I love the mineral makeup so much. It's really the best powder I have ever used! Thank you.




I am just writing to sing the praises of your product.  My daughter works in a salon in Kelowna and  a while ago brought me some of your lotions.  I absolutely loved them.

My husband has suffered for about 5 years with a strange upper arm itch.  He says it feels like bugs crawling under his skin, my daughter suggested he try the unscented lotion.  She brought home a small trial size one and within days the itching had stopped.  Quite amazing.  Now he uses large tubs of it!!

Finally, for my birthday, my daughter gave me the trial samples of your facial line.  For years I have used either Viche or Biolage, pricey stuff but it worked for me.  To humor my daughter I decided to just try the product.  I was absolutely amazed.  I now have the regular size of all the facial stuff.  I especially love the night cream and mask.  My skin looks more even toned.  I have not had a break out in weeks.  I appreciate the reasonable prices of your product also.  Just thought you would like to know my family's experience with your product.  I think my daughter is your best advocate!!!

Thanks so much


Oliver, BC

Hi Karen,

Everything was great with our order! We received everything so fast which was great!

Our clients are loving the products and the mini lotions were a big hit at our Christmas Open House!! We had 145 people in attendance!



We are always satisfied with our orders, and look forward to more orders.


Hi Karen and Sherri,

Thank you so much for being so easy to do business with. I appreciate how hard you work to accommodate us in every way and thank you also for the treats that come along as well! I have liked your company, products and what you stand for since the day you started.

Keep up the good work and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Jen Harding
Manager of Spa Operations

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Posted : 02/22/2011

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