A natural, stimulating foaming foot soak. Antibacterial sea salts will soften dry, cracked skin. Stimulates circulation, helps soothe irritation and calluses.  Designed to give relief to tired feet, soften rough skin. When magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt, as it is commonly referred to, is absorbed through the skin such as in a foot soak or bath, it sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, helps to draw toxins from the body, and relaxes muscles. It is also a natural emollient and exfoliator.  Our Foot Therapy Soak Crystals are available lightly scented with Essential and/or Fragrance Oils to help combat foot odour and leave a fresh, pleasant scent or left scent free for you to add your own essential oils.



Not tested on animals.


No Parabens, No Petroleum.

Foot Therapy Soak Crystals - Foaming

SKU: 1005
    • May be used for diabetic foot care
    • Aids in softening skin
    • Soaking in these salts will stimulate circulation
    • Provides enhanced purifying and softening benefits
    • Regular soaking helps prevent calluses and infections
    • Help muscles and nerves function properly
    • Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
    • Improve oxygen use
    • Flushes toxins and improves absorption of nutrients
    • Restores the skin's natural moisture balance
    • Create a happy, relaxed feeling
    • Leaves feet refreshed.