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Natural Concepts product line was founded by Karen M. Easterbrook in 2003. Karen has studied cosmetology and brings business knowledge, creativity and cosmetology studies to the Natural Concepts line.  Her skin care values then and now are simple…purity, integrity, balance, health and well-being.

From your face to your feet, Natural Concepts has something for your whole body to keep the skin smooth, hydrated, protected, youthful and nourished. Using the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, our products include pure essential oils, raw unrefined shea butter, and a variety of other oils, herbs and botanicals nutrients. All our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness.



Natural Concepts is also an environmentally conscious brand. Not only do we use ingredients that are good for you, but we reduce waste by using no outer product packaging and ensuring all our product containers are re-usable or recyclable.

And, we do not test any of our products on animals…. just family & friends!

​The development of our products are based on sound scientific principles and the physiology of the skin. Our high-quality products are made by hand with care and integrity in small batches. Our packaging is simple yet elegant.


We invite you to give our products a try. We do not make any unrealistic or unscientific claims, we just give you the whole truth as we know it.

Natural Soap

We are confident our products will convince you on their own merit. They are an excellent alternative to conventional cosmetics and make-up.


Look your best at any age with Natural Concepts Ltd. products.

Incorporated in 2006, Natural Concepts founder, Karen Easterbrook has developed an extensive line of products with quality ingredients.

Unlike the 'traditional' skin care industry which at best enabled people to maintain the status quo, leaving many users feeling frustrated and powerless; the modern skin care industry has brought a renewed focus on effective products, products that deliver the results they promise.

The focus of Natural Concepts is to empower our customers with the knowledge, products, and value to achieve the results you are looking for in your personal care. It is for this reason Natural Concepts Ltd. concentrates on skin, body, hand, foot, and nail care. We are socially and environmentally conscious with all our products. It means that Natural Concepts Ltd. products speak for themselves by delivering you unparalleled RESULTS.


When ordering from Natural Concepts Ltd., you can expect friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient service. Your order will be shipped in 3 – 5 business days or sooner if possible. Custom products may take 1 – 2 days longer. We use the quickest and most efficient manner of shipping as possible. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your shipment's details. For your convenience payment options accepted are Interact (in-store), E-Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal.


Natural Concepts skin, body, hand, foot, and nail care offers carefully crafted, straightforward, effective products that deliver real RESULTS. We provide the truth about our products.  If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist. Call toll free during business hours (8 am to 4 pm PST) or email to

The Natural Concepts Ltd. website is constantly evolving. It is designed to help provide you with knowledge and information so that you can make informed decisions when choosing your products. Check back often to keep updated on new products and information.


All our products are formulated to work with your skin and assist it from the inside-out, by bringing your skin the nutrients and help it needs to function optimally; allowing your skin to support and repair itself. We make anti-aging products that are formulated to provide anti-aging action and benefits. At Natural Concepts Ltd. we believe that your entire regime, from your cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer - should provide you with anti-aging action and benefits.



Natural Concepts Ltd. does not use NANO-PARTICLES in any products.


We love animals and support the ethical treatment of animals. We do not engage in any product testing on animals ourselves. However, government regulations for new ingredient testing is essential to determine safety, and it is done by the appropriate government bodies where necessary.



Natural Concepts Ltd. products are suitable for use by diabetics or individuals with diabetic related issues. In fact, many of its products help promote blood circulation, wound healing, and the control of fungal and bacterial growth in a natural, holistic manner, without side effects and complications.


In our effort to respect the planet we all share; Natural Concepts Ltd. strives to conduct business in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Your order will be shipped in a recyclable box with re-usable packing chips or recyclable fillers. Our literature, where possible, is printed on recycled or recyclable paper. Our products do not come in typical outer packaging. These are just some of the actions we take to reduce our environmental footprint and impact on the environment.


Our packaging is designed to be classic, elegant, functional, minimalist, and environmentally friendly. Everything is 100% recyclable. It is understated classical and elegant packaging for both women and men. It is functional - easy to use.

We concentrate our efforts on what is important - the products inside. This allows us to bring you products of a quality better than many that are being sold today! DELIVERING YOU THE RESULTS THAT MAKE A TRUE DIFFERENCE! We offer effective products with quality ingredients.


Where needed, Natural Concepts Ltd. uses preservatives.  We have all heard how preservatives are supposed to be bad for you. However, without preservatives, products would mold or spoil in a matter of days. The warmth and dampness of bathrooms, where people use and store their cosmetic and skin care products, can be ideal environments for micro-organisms to flourish, including in your cosmetic or skin care products.

Preservatives keep micro-organisms - bacteria, mold, fungi, and yeast - from establishing themselves and multiplying in your products. Applying a product which has been contaminated with micro-organisms onto your skin is not a good thing and can lead to a whole host of complications.

At Natural Concepts Ltd. we use preservatives only where necessary and only in those amounts needed to provide you with stable, effective, and safe products.


The terminology and debate surrounding the topics of "natural", "organic", "botanical", "holistic", etc., is often misleading and confusing, sometimes made so deliberately, by companies, industries, and special interests.

There is a general assumption that "natural" products are better or healthier than similar ones using synthetic (man-made) ingredients. Often, however, these "natural" ingredients are no different in chemical composition than their synthetic (man-made) counterparts. In fact, a synthetic substance can sometimes provide a purer, more stable, safer, and thus effective ingredient - which gives the product greater efficacy and longer usable life.

Natural Concepts Ltd. strives to strike a balance between natural and man-made ingredients. If a natural ingredient is available which provides all the properties and qualities of, or is better than its man-made version, we will use the natural ingredient. If, however, the man-made version provides better properties and qualities, than the natural, the man-made ingredient will be favored. Certain ingredients do not occur naturally, wherein the man-made ingredient must be used.



At Natural Concepts Ltd. we offer our customers many choices. Our customer can decide whether they want to use fragrance oils, essential oils, or a combination of both. However, fragrances in personal care products, particularly skin care products, are one of the main sources of skin irritation and sensitization. That is why Natural Concepts Ltd. skin care line is typically not scented with either essential oils or fragrance oils, although we do have some of exceptions and we will provide scenting at our customer’s request, where possible.

We invite you to explore our website and visit our showroom location. Experience the difference Natural Concepts Ltd. can make in your life. Our products are effective, simple to use and affordable!

You deserve the best….our best is what we offer. This is our commitment to you! We want to earn your business! We offer a 100% money back guarantee for all our products because it is our desire to establish satisfied repeat customers.


Karen Easterbrook, Founder

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