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The (Mostly Unknown) Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is a pure, hand-mined salt that is derived from the foothills of the pristine Himalayan Mountains. Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits, it is believed to be the purest form of salt available. The high mineral crystals range in color from sheer white, varying shades of Pink,to deep reds, the result of high mineral and iron content. The Fine Himalayan Pink Salt offered by Natural Concepts Ltd. is “Gourmet Food Grade”, the highest quality of Himalayan salt available; it is also used for bathing or therapeutic treatments. We also offer Medium Coarse which is not Food grade but is used as bath salts and therapeutic treatments.

Himalayan Pink Salt is used by holistic chefs, spas, health professionals, and individuals for its range of nutritional and therapeutic properties. Pink salt may be used in the same manner as table salt for culinary dishes and baking, but it is purer and higher in mineral content.

Externally, pink salt can be used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, sooth sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body. Use Himalayan Pink Salt in bath salt recipes, body scrubs, aromatherapy, homemade soap, and for all types of culinary and spa applications.    

Beneficial Properties: Himalayan Pink Salt has a rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. This salt is recognized for its beautiful pink color, high mineral content, and its therapeutic properties. Regular consumption of Himalayan Pink Salt provides essential minerals, trace elements, balances electrolytes, supports proper nutrient absorption, eliminates toxins, balances the body’s pH, normalizes blood pressure, and increases circulation and conductivity. It can also assist with relief from arthritis, skin rashes, psoriasis, herpes, and flu and fever symptoms. 

History of Salt: Himalayan Pink Salt originally formed from marine fossil deposits over 250 million years ago during the Jurassic era. Harvested from ancient sea beds in the Himalayan foothills, this rare and extraordinary salt has been a valuable commodity for centuries. Historically, the Himalayan people used this salt to preserve their fish and meat throughout the year, and every spring they transported the salt to Nepalese valleys for trade. Heavily burdened yaks would carry the salt along narrow sloping paths, mountains, and cliffs in order to sell and exchange the salt for other commodities. Himalayan Pink Salt is still extracted from mines by hand, according to long-standing tradition, and without the use of any mechanical devices or explosion techniques. After being hand-selected, the salt is then hand-crushed, hand-washed, and dried in the sun.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Trade Name - Himalayan Pink Salt.

Origin - Himalayan mountains.

Extraction - Hand-mined, hand-washed, and sun dried.

Shelf life - 4-5 years

Notes- Store in an air right, covered container in a cool dry place. Fluctuations in humidity may cause salt to cake. A granular salt with a average size of 2-3 mm. Fully dispersible in water and blends well with oil.

Specifications em>Color - Light pink with variations of white and red. Odor - Salty  Sodium Chloride - 98.35%  Magnesium - .07%  Sulfate - .05% Iron - .0006% Moisture - .026%  Insoluble - .77%

General Instructions

  • For culinary purposes, simply dissolve the salt into soups and hot dishes, or place the coarse salt crystals into a salt grinder and mill directly onto dishes.

  • Medicinally, Himalayan Salt is dissolved in water to create a brine. This brine is used for a plethora of physical ailments including arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, gout, kidney and gall bladder stones, skin diseases, psoriasis, and for toxin elimination. The proper way to consume the brine is in the morning on an empty stomach, taking one teaspoon of Himalayan Salt Brine with a glass of water. Wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.

  • Externally, a brine bath is recommended for detoxification, to strengthen the immune system, heal skin diseases, for rheumatism and joint diseases, to balance the skin’s pH, and for recovery after surgery. In order receive the full benefit of a therapeutic salt bath, it is recommended to use 1-2 pounds of salt per bath, and make sure that the water temperature is around 97 degrees Fahrenheit to mimic the body’s temperature. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

  • Facial steams are recommended for those with asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, and for all acute, chronic, and specific illnesses of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Simply boil water, add salt to water, cover your head with a towel to create a “tent”, and inhale the vapors for 10-15 minutes.

  • Poultices made with the brine are used to treat open wounds, and pain from arthritis, gout and osteoporosis. Simply soak a cloth with body temperature brine, and apply the cloth to the treatment area. Wrap this poultice with a dry cloth.

Precautions: Brine baths are demanding on the circulatory system, and those with weak or poor heart circulation should consult with a doctor beforehand. If a full bath would be too strenuous, then a footbath may also be used.


Very effective in treating open wounds, and pain from arthritis, gout and osteoporosis. Soak a sterile cloth with body temperature Himalayan Salt Brine (see directions below) and apply it to the area of concern. Wrap this poultice with a dry cloth.

For Open Wounds: Treat open wounds only with a diluted solution of 15ml (1/2 ounce) Himalayan Salt Brine per 125ml (1/2 cup) of water. If you use a higher ratio, the injury will create a burning feeling. Soak a sterile cloth with body temperature Himalayan Salt Brine, rinse it and apply to the wound. Wrap this poultice with a dry cloth.

For Flu & Fever Relief, and Detoxification: Dip a clean cotton shirt in a 3% brine solution made with 30ml (2 tablespoons) of Himalayan Salt per 1 Litre (quart) of water. Soak the shirt thoroughly and put it on. Cover (wrap) yourself in a dry towel and lay in bed (covered with your blanket.) After about half an hour you will start sweating. You can support the effect by drinking a cup of Linden blossom tea. Stay in bed for 60 to 90 minutes. Take off your shirt and shower. Lie down for one hour to rest. This procedure is an excellent detoxification tool and activates the metabolism. The brine shirt shows excellent results with high temperature viral conditions. In such cases it is better than the brine bath.

For Gout and Cold Feet: This procedure has a similar effect as the shirt. Soak a pair of clean cotton socks in a 3-5% brine solution made with 30 - 60ml (2 to 4 tablespoons) of Himalayan Salt per 1 litre (quart) of water. Wring-out the socks thoroughly and put them on. Wrap your feet in a dry towel and leave on for about one hour. Rest a while after you remove the salty socks. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 5ml (1 teaspoon) of brine with water. Continue drinking water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres (quarts).

For Herpes: Apply some pure, concentrated brine solution (26%) directly to the infected blister with a cotton swab every hour. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 5ml (1 teaspoon) of brine with water. Continue drinking water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres (quarts).

Brine Therapy and Oral Care: Healthy teeth and gums are not only visually appealing but also very important for our overall health. Pure Himalayan crystal salt is excellent for dental hygiene. Most common tooth problems derive from an over acidic condition in the mouth and throat. Himalayan Salt will build up a pH neutral mouth flora and will help protect your tooth enamel. Daily brushing your teeth, tongue, or washing your whole mouth with brine solution can harmonize over-acidity, soothe gum bleeding, and reduce periodontal diseases, canker sores, bad breath, etc. Brush your teeth every morning with concentrated brine. Press the brine through your teeth with the help of your tongue. Gargle with brine for about three minutes, then spit it out. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 5ml (1 teaspoon) of brine with water. Continue drinking water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres (quarts). If used consistently, your teeth will become whiter, and tartar will dissolve.

Preparation of Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine:Loosely fill a closable glass container (such as a Mason jar) with several crystal or rock salt pieces. Add pure water, completely filling the container. After approximately 24 hours, look to see if the salt pieces have completely dissolved. If so, add a few more crystals. When the water can no longer dissolve any more salt, the salt crystals will sit at the bottom of the jar without dissolving. At this point the solution will have become saturated at 26%, ready to use as brine. The glass can be refilled again and again with water and salt, continuing this process. This brine solution is stable, and absolutely sterile & germ-free. It can be stored for years in a closed glass container without it changing or decomposing.

This information is for educational purposes only It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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