Gentle bamboo micro-granules are integrated into our mild natural cleansing milk that softly removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Purifies and provides a radiant, smooth and silky complexion.

Our Bamboo Exfoliating Milk Cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use, and perfect for all skin types. This great cleanser deeply cleanses pores and the skin surface to reduce dull, damaged cell build up. By lightly polishing the skin as you cleanse, you will notice improved texture and your own natural glow will begin to emerge!

Gentle Bamboo Exfoliating Milk Cleanser

SKU: 521
    • Gentle Cleansing formula with Natural exfoliator
    • Naturally loosens & dissolves dead & damaged cells; skin is visibly smooth with a reduction of fine lines & wrinkles
    • Gentle polisher removes daily build-up of dull & damaged cells
    • Skin finish is refined, refreshed & revitalized with improved cellular regeneration & repair Gently cleans pores by removing daily build-up of excess oils without drying the skin
    • Soft and pleasant scent from essential oils that complements clean, fresh feeling of the skin
    • Thoroughly removes excess oil secretions, surface impurities and make-up.
    • Cleanses and purifies, respects skin‘s natural balance.


    Leaves skin fresh, soft and radiant.