NPN: 80102310

NEW! 240ml AMBER GLASS bottle with Black lotion pump. Great for countertop, desk top, etc. Reduce your plastic bottles and replace them with glass.

(75% V/V) alcohol is what makes this hand sanitizer effective. It also contains skin softening ingredients to keep skin soft & supple.

This product has been approved by Health Canada as indicated by the NPN registration. It has no sticky or slimy feel to it.


Sani Soft Hand Sanitizer

  • GEL: Pump or squeeze a generous amount into palm of hands and rub together on palms, backs of hands and betwen fingers.

    SPRAY: Use this versatile product for hands as well as counters, keypads, elevator buttons, door handles, steering wheels, consoles, etc. Let air dry. Excess can be wiped with clean cloth.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol 75%