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How to wash cloth diapers (2-STEPS)

Have you been considering cloth diapers?

Starting down the washable diaper path may seem like a daunting past but once you get the process down, you'll see that it's actually really easy!

The following instructions have been used for the past several years to wash our cloth diapers.  There are two steps (that's it!) involved but one of the keys to washing cloth diapers is to ensure the diapers do not sit longer than two or three days (max) before they are washed.  The other key is to ensure that you use enough water

It has been suggested to use an old soaked towel with each washing in a HE front loading washer to ensure enough water is used. 

  1. Pre Wash – place an old very wet large towel in the washer with your cloth diapers.  Wash using only COLD water. Use the heavy duty cycle on our washer as it adds an extra rinse.  (If your diapers have been left for longer than two/three days I recommend running them through two pre wash cycles)

  2. Wash Cycle – add another very wet towel to the washing machine.  Add soap and wash on HOT.  Again, use the heavy duty cycle as it does an extra rinse. 

That's it! Just hang diapers to dry and you are good to go.

Always check the manufactures washing and drying instructions of your cloth diapers.


Happy Diapering!

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