Concealer is used to hide pigment discolouration, dark circles, and blemishes. Colors range from very light to deep tones. For best results, choose your Foundation Color from the Warm, Neutral or Cool selections, then choose the corresponding Concealer.

  • Features And Benefits

    • Natural ingredients
    • Easy to apply
    • Gives excellent coverage
  • Directions For Use

    • Apply concealer after Primer and Colour Corrector (if applicable)
    • Shake small amount of Concealer into container lid or onto a small smooth plate
    • Using tip of concealer brush, dip into Concealer
    • Tap side of brush handle against container or plate
    • Gently apply to desired areas particulary under eyes and on any blemishes
    • See Makeup Application page for detailed instructions
  • Ingredients

    • Carnauba Treated Sericite Mica
    • Zinc oxide
    • Titanium Dioxide
    • Silk Powder
    • Allantoin

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