Our Cool shades cover skin tones that have more Pink or Cool undertones. Our Neutral shades cover the widest range of skin tones. If you have more Yellow or Warm undertones, you may want to choose something from the "Warm" collection. 


Loose Mineral Foundation that is 100% natural and free of ingredients that can irritate your skin.

There are no oils, talc, fragrances, synthetic colorants or dyes. Formulated to give sheer or maximum coverage. 


No Animal Testing 
No Parabens or toxic chemicals
No Talc
No Bismuth Oxychloride
No Corn Starch
No Preservatives
No Wheat or wheat gluten ingredients

  • Features And Benefits

    • All Natural
    • Will not change colour on skin
    • All day coverage
  • Directions For Use

    1. Cleanse with gentle cleanser and dry skin.
    2. Apply Primer over all areas where makeup will be placed, let sit for a few moments.
    3. Tap out a small amount of foundation onto clean glass or ceramic dish.
    4. Load brush with mineral makeup. Our recommendation is a Kabuki brush with natural hair fibers.
    5. Tap powder into bristles by tapping handle against palm of hand or on table/counter top.
    6. Apply in circular motion all over face, neck and decollette.
  • Ingredients

    • Carnauba Treated Sericite Mica 
    • Zinc oxide 
    • Titanium Dioxide 
    • Silk Powder 
    • Allantoin

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