Our Shimmer Eye Shadows are finely milled micas which impart an illuminating glow.  Apply them dry for soft, subtle color, or wet for more vibrant intensity. Be adventuresome!


Application Tips: Dip your shadow brush into the loose minerals and tap off any excess powder.  Gently stipple the minerals on your eyelids.   Make sure your skin is well hydrated so the minerals will adhere.  Try misting your skin with Natural Concepts Finishing Mist or Toner before applying your makeup.


If your shadow is prone to creasing, be sure your lids are free from excess oils before applying shadow. Try priming your lids with Natural Glo Finishing Veil.


Deep shades of loose mineral shadow can also be used as eyeliner.  To create a soft dry line, dip an angled liner brush into the powder, tap it off and line your eyes.  Or to create a liquid liner, wet your brush with Finishing Mist and dip it into the powder.  The minerals will stick to the brush.  Make a paste on the back of your hand, or in the lid of the jar.  Apply to your eyes!

Mineral Eye Shadow - Shimmer

SKU: NCM-2015
  • Mineral makeup has the advantage of being made from natural-derived ingredients and is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin or eyes. 

    • Mica 
    • Iron Oxides 
    • Ultramarines 
    • May contain: Titanium Dioxide