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As a younger person in my 20's and 30's I didn't take the time to pamper myself. Probably because my finances didn't support it but also because I didn't realize the value of it. Oh sure, I used makeup and always did my nails but I didn't do much "pampering" beyond that.

Then in my late 40's to early 50's, I began developing products for my company, Natural Concepts, and I had to start trying out what I made.

When I first made a sugar scrub ( a manual exfoliator), I was super impressed and pleasantly surprised! I have always been blessed with good skin (Thanks Mom!) but exfoliating was something I just didn't do. Now I always have a jar in my shower and also product for my face....I'm a convert!! I love how smooth my skin feels and looks. No dry flakes for me.

Natural Concepts makes both manual and chemical exfoliators.

If you are not a regular are several reasons why you should become one:

- It unclogs pores

- Helps prevent acne

- Helps prevent ingrown hairs

- Increases cell turnover

- Promotes collagen production

- Evens skin tone

* Gets rid of dry flakes

- Prepares the skin to absorb other skincare products

If you are looking to include exfoliating into your skin care routine for your face and body, here are some fabulous ones to try.....

Happy exfoliating!!

Find Your Natural glow....


Karen, President & Founder

Natural Concepts Ltd.


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